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Graphic design freshman Gabriel Williams

Although beef enchiladas are typically thought of as a Mexican-style dish, the flavors have reached out all the way to Canadian-native graphic design freshman Gabriel Williams.

His mother makes these for him. 

“They’re like extra cheesy, and then she always stuffs it with the perfect amount of beef,” Williams said.

As he was describing these enchiladas, he even closed his eyes for a minute to fully focus and envision them.

He said she makes them every year for his birthday. Another thing people in this blog seem to share is that their favorite home-cooked meal is served for their birthday.

“We kind of just dig in,” he said. “We just go straight for the beef.”

Each meal is like a puzzle, and for Williams, this puzzle is not complete without a cold bottle of Strawberry Daiquiri flavored SoBe drink.

“When the taste of the daiquiri mixes with the beef it’s just so good.” Williams said.

He said his favorite time to eat beef enchiladas could be none other than winter.

He said one winter he and a cousin were out playing in the snow. 

“We sumo wrestled, we made a circle in the snow and pretended to sumo wrestle and when we came in  — the smell of enchiladas,” Williams paused. “Oh, it’s just glorious.”

What home-cooked smell would you love to walk in and find? Contact me below to share:



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