EcoFest 2012

On Saturday, Downtown Arlington was filled with people attending the City of Arlington's annual Eco Fest. And I was one of those people. 

There were several classes that were offered, including a rain barrel class and several gardening classes. A computer recycling organization was there and I got to bring in an old DVD player and other broken electronics (that you aren't supposed to throw away in the trash). And I was excited to see the new Keep Arlington Beautiful group that is starting.

Since it was a hot day I was really excited that they had a hydration station set up. They had some great cups for visitors to use and then I got to recycle my cup when I was done with it. 

No event would be complete without some great food vendors, which there were plenty of. As a bicycler I was excited to see the bike safety area and all the people there on bicycles. There was also a large area for kids that included a petting zoo and representatives from a local raptor center with some of their birds. 

I even left with a free tree (which is now planted in my yard). If you missed this years Eco Fest I definitely suggest you mark your calenders for it next year. 

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