Reach a market of 54,000+

48,000+ students
6,000 faculty and staff

58% of students are employed

44% part-time
14% full-time

Average Student Age: 29

73% Undergraduate
27% Graduate


Live on or
near campus

Let The Shorthorn connect your business with the UTA community.

The Shorthorn has been the #1 source for campus news since 1919.
A variety of digital and print media can help you access this growing market.

125,000 65,000+
average page views per month on email inboxes receive The Shorthorn's daily e-newsletter
28,000 5,000
social media followers newspapers distributed weekly

73% of UTA students read The Shorthorn every week


85% of UTA students said The Shorthorn is their No. 1 source of UTA news and information


Reach a market that spends XXX,XXX,XXX for an affordable price


80 on-campus and 35 off-campus newspaper racks., the e‑newsletter and social media are publicly accessible.


Schedule a meeting at your location or meet virtually


Weekly print newspapers, daily email newsletters, frequently updated website and social channels, events


The Shorthorn has published since 1919 and maintained continuous coverage during the pandemic.


2020 ACP Awards
Weekly Newspaper, 1st place
Website, 2nd place
Social Media Presence, 1st place

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