The first few weeks on a new campus can be nervewracking. The struggle to find a parking spot, the right lecture hall and even a seat in class can be overwhelming.

The anxiety that a student gets from this process can lead other parts of the body to feel the same way. Anxiety-producing events can lead to digestive issues such as diarrhea, nausea and constipation, according to Healthline.

For some, driving home or going back to a dorm isn’t an option. In times of need, students should know the best restrooms to use while on campus. Here are a few restroom locations students have when it comes to these stomach-rumbling situations.


Since its doors opened in fall 2018, the SEIR Building has had some of the cleanest and well-kept restrooms on campus. The lighting, space and cleanliness make it a great spot to go handle business.

One of the highlights of the restroom is the Dyson Airblade Automatic Hand Dryers that come equipped with a HEPA Filter. Having a contactless hand dryer is a must in a pandemic.

Both the first and second floor restrooms in the main part of the building are spacious, clean and have good lighting.


Like the SEIR Building, The Commons opened in 2018 and is well known for being a place where students can grab a bite, study or just relax until class starts. It’s also a good place to use the restroom.

Since the building is still semi-new, the restrooms are in good shape. Plus, with the pandemic putting a halt to some students being on campus, the restrooms have remained clean.


Perks of the Planetarium restrooms include cleanliness and the easy-tofind location. If you’re going through the front entrance, it’s as easy as looking to the right. They have good lighting, so it doesn’t look like a scene from a scary movie and it’s quiet.


Even before the UC was remodeled in 2018, the restrooms have always been reliable. There are three restrooms on the first floor that are clean and private.

The first restroom is located near The Market and Subway, behind the dining area. The second is right next to the Plaza food court and in front of the dining area.

If you’re looking for a bit more privacy, the restroom near the new entrance of the UC next to the Connection Café might be the preferred place to go. It has a nice entrance and is relatively quiet. The floors are clean, and it has several urinals and toilets.

The second floor of the UC has restrooms right near the studying area. These would be hard to find for a transfer or a first year student, but it’s as simple as going up the stairs and continuing down a straight path.

The UC also has full body mirrors in its women’s restrooms.


The Fine Arts Building has some hidden gems when it comes to finding a private and personal space to handle business.

If listening to music while using the restroom is your thing, then the first floor of the central section of the building, where the Communication Department is located, is the place to go.

On the second floor of the north section there are two restrooms, one being a private personal restroom and the other more open but still personal, with one toilet and one urinal.

Upon entering the north section of the building, walk to the nearest staircase and to the second floor. The private restroom will be directly to the right of the staircase, while the other will be to the left and down the hall. Both restrooms are some of the best to use on the north side of the building.

Any of these restrooms will be great to handle your business. Remember, plenty of students have anxiety, but knowing where to go in times of crisis definitely helps calm the nerves. 


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