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Total Citations Total Fines & Late Fees Since Fall 2015



Violation Type(2015~2018) Count
$50 Boot Fee 72
Account Past Due: Citation- Late Fee 9579
ADA Space Violation 127
Collision on Campus 29
Double Parking- Two Vehicles on Campus 42
Expired Meter Violation 2626
Failure to Move Vehicle When Instructed- Towed 3
Improper Parking 1488
Maximum Time Violation 359
No Active Permit 6685
Non-sufficient Funds - Returned Check 1
Not Moving Vehicle When Instructed 199
Not Parked Within a Space 258
Parked Backed In 1
Parked in a Fire Lane 52
Parked in a Reserved Space 1312
Parked in No Parking Area 88
Parked within 15 Feet of a Fire Hydrant 1
Parking Permit Violation 52193
SFC-Wrong Permit for This Section of the Lot 24
Sharing Parking Permit 369
Tampering with University Equipment 5
Tow Cost Incurred by UTA from Tow Company 22
Tow Relocation to Other UTA Lot 45
Tow to Impound Lot 4
Wrong Permit for This Parking Lot 6378
Grand Total 81962