Friends and family gathered at Wade Family Funeral Home on Sunday to say their last goodbyes to Hubert Jackson “Jack” Davis.

Davis spent a large part of his life supporting the athletic department at UTA. In the 1960s, he became a booster for the department and ultimately became the director of the Maverick Club, UTA’s official fundraising organization.

Kris Wood, associate athletic director for major gifts, said he got to work with Davis when Wood served as an assistant coach for the women’s basketball team. He said Davis had a passion for making people’s lives better.

“He was great for me to give me advice, to give me encouragement and kind of show me the ropes on how to do the Maverick Club the best I could,” Kris Wood said. “You could argue very quickly that the Maverick Club wouldn’t even be [in] existence without him.”

Davis’ first wife, Ruth Ann Forth, led the Maverick Club throughout much of the 1990s until her passing in 1997, according to a UTA Athletics press release. Following her death, he took over the role as director and stayed there until the mid-2000s.

Gary Wood, a longtime friend of Davis and his family, said Davis was extremely passionate about UTA Athletics, especially the men’s basketball team.

In his testimony at Davis’ funeral, Gary Wood told a story of how Davis had false teeth because gum disease forced doctors to pull “every tooth from his head” when he was in the Air Force. He said Davis’ false teeth once shot out when he was screaming at a referee during a men’s basketball game at Texas Hall.

“We were sitting right behind the bench, right behind the coaches,” Gary Wood said. “First bad call the referee made, he jumped up out of his seat and was yelling, ‘Ref, you’re crazy!’"

"When we got back to the house, I learned that one of those games he got so aggravated with the referee that his false teeth shot out.”

Davis’ support for UTA and its student-athletes stretched far beyond what would happen on the court or on the field. He had three scholarships named after him, two of those given to a member of the men’s and women’s basketball teams.

Athletic director Jim Baker said he didn’t get to work closely with Davis, but he knew of his love for the athletic department.

“He was a great supporter of UTA and loved it,” Baker said. “His work to really get [the Maverick Club] established, to make it a place where people contribute and support athletics; that was really his legacy.”


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