Over the past two weeks, the Dallas Cowboys have managed to drop to a 6-6 record. This is after the team started the season 3-0, and everything looked like it would stay on a positive trend throughout the rest of the year.

Things have quickly changed for the Cowboys, and now they are swarmed with negative energy heading into December. One of the biggest storylines includes head coach Jason Garrett and how he should be relieved of his job, sooner rather than later. A year ago, I agreed with this sentiment.

I wanted Garrett out as soon as possible, but now I feel differently. Do I believe he should be fired as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys? Definitely. Should it happen right now? No.

After Dallas fell to the Buffalo Bills on Thanksgiving Day, owner Jerry Jones told the media every decision he’ll make in the next month will be “with an eye in mind to get us in the Super Bowl now.”

Jones said he will stick with Garrett until the end of the season because he believes that’s in the team’s best interest at the moment. I agree with Jones’ way of thinking on this issue. The team won’t get any better if it fires its head coach right now, for many reasons.

Jones needs time to find the right man for the head coaching job, and he won’t be able to do that with four games left on the team’s schedule. The Cowboys will also suffer from a drop in morale if they have to undergo changes after the halfway point of the season.

Most fans fail to realize that big names won’t be hired when the season is still underway. You won’t be able to lure Josh McDaniels away from the New England Patriots right now, and you won’t be successful if you try to recruit Lincoln Riley away from the University of Oklahoma ahead of bowl season. Someone from within the organization will most likely be hired to fill the void Garrett leaves, just like he was when Wade Phillips was fired in 2010.

If Jones decides to fire Garrett right now, it would mean the 2019 season was a complete waste. There is too much talent on this roster to just throw away the back part of the campaign, especially when the team still sits atop the NFC East with only the Philadelphia Eagles following close behind.

I do believe a coaching change will do wonders for players like quarterback Dak Prescott, running back Ezekiel Elliott and wide receiver Amari Cooper, but players like them deserve a coach who is willing to maximize their potential and output on the field. A coach like that can be found in the offseason, which will most likely come around January for Dallas because I don’t see them making it to the Super Bowl this year.

Who knows? Maybe Riley or McDaniels can be persuaded in March when their seasons are finished and they have time to consider their options. As owner of the Cowboys, Jones has made some questionable decisions before, like parting ways with Jimmy Johnson even though he had already become one of the franchise’s most successful coaches in the 1990s. I can’t disagree with his decision to keep Garrett and his staff right now. It’s better to keep competing until the season is over than to let the ship sink early.

A new head coach will come to the Cowboys but, like a good book, it will take some time. Patience is a virtue, and Dallas fans should consider practicing it soon.



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