Movin’ Mavs teams to compete in 2019 Dallas Wheelchair Mavericks Invitational

Senior Clarence McCarthy-Grogan prepares to pass the ball on Nov. 11 during a Movin' Mavs game in the Physical Education Building. The Dallas Wheelchair Mavericks Invitational will kick off Friday.

The Movin’ Mavs and Lady Movin’ Mavs are set to compete in the 2019 Dallas Wheelchair Mavericks Invitational from Friday to Sunday.

The invitational is the only home tournament the programs will see in the 2019 spring semester. Both teams will use the experience to help them prepare for an upcoming slate of games in Alabama and the Intercollegiate Division National Championship in March.

Doug Garner, Movin’ Mavs head coach, said he wants his team to take advantage of playing against upper-level teams before competing for a national championship.

“Mental toughness is an area that we’re really trying to work on right now,” Garner said. “I think playing with really good teams, I hope, is going to help us continue to get better in our mental game.”

The tournament will feature appearances from teams like the New York Rollin’ Knicks, the Dallas Wheelchair Mavericks and the MedStar NRH Punishers. As of January, the teams were ranked first, second and third in the National Wheelchair Basketball Association’s Adult Division Power Rankings, respectively.

The Movin’ Mavs will open their slate of games against the second-ranked Dallas Wheelchair Mavericks on Friday.

Senior Clarence McCarthy-Grogan said he is ready to go up against the competition, which is the toughest he has seen at the tournament since he arrived at UTA.

“There’s some really, really good teams that’s come out on top,” McCarthy-Grogan said. “It’s not just the quantity of teams, it’s the quality as well.”

The Lady Movin’ Mavs will also compete in this weekend’s invitational.

Graduate student Morgan Wood said the team will use those games to provide an opportunity for players to get minutes off the bench.

“We have a few girls out, so I think that trying to work with our girls off the bench and girls who normally don’t get to start is really important,” Wood said.

Similar to the Movin’ Mavs, the Lady Movin’ Mavs are preparing for the national tournament next month. The team will look to claim back-to-back national titles when March comes around.

The Movin’ Mavs will open up the tournament at 4 p.m. Friday at the Maverick Activities Center, while the Lady Movin’ Mavs are set to host the Denver Lady Rolling Nuggets at 4 p.m. Saturday at the MAC.


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