Marketing aims to increase crowds

The Maverick Wranglers chant with the crowd to get people pumped up for the upcoming basketball season.

With only a month left of volleyball, the College Park Center workers are hoping for the same crowd involvement with basketball.

Athletics director Jim Baker is really pursuing all avenues to get students to the games.

“A lot of it’s been with social media, really trying to push our Twitter accounts,” Baker said.

President Vistasp Karbhari has also been involved with trying to get the student groups to attend and hosting them before the games, he said.

Starting this year, all incoming freshmen receive a sports package that includes free passes to all home games, and Baker thinks that will get more students to the games as well.

“We’re going to be a little more aggressive on our marketing side,” Baker said. “We are on campus every week letting people know about upcoming games.”

Business marketing junior Chelsea Spurlock is a marketing intern for the Athletics Department and said they are getting more involved by changing up the promotions for each home game.

“We are doing things such as for the Dig Pink Volleyball game, we picked a student out of the crowd that was the most decked out in pink to win a variety of prizes,” she said.

Spurlock also said that getting students in the College Park Center for the sports events isn’t easy.

“It’s all about understanding the student body and what attracts them to come to the games, which is why we host many promotional games to help support,” she said.

Michael Eldridge, Athletics assistant communication director, said they are trying more new things this year than in the past.

“We are actually reaching out to the students, which hadn’t really happened in the past couple of years,” he said.

Eldridge said their marketing interns take a person dressed up in variously colored, full-body outfits on campus to take pictures with students holding a sign for when the games are.

“We are putting out infographics on social media that students really like,” he said.

Eldridge said there has been more fan engagement and more push from the department to get students and fans around to come and watch games.

The first home game for women’s basketball is Friday against Missouri Valley College, and men’s basketball is Friday against the Bradley University.


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