Athletes across the world enjoy different rituals before games. One of the most popular is listening to music.

The men’s and women’s basketball teams at UTA have their own playlists and songs to listen to before practices and games. Some players listen to music that gets them pumped up, others have songs that help them mellow out and focus.

Claire Chastain

Position: Guard


Hometown: Shawnee, Oklahoma 

Favorite song/artists: Usually listens to “sad music” by artists like Seafret and Cage The Elephant but listens to Cardi B before games. 

“I listen to very hype music just so I could get my mind right and to get the energy. In the locker room before practices or after practices we’ll be in there jumping around singing and dancing with each other, just getting really hyped.”

Lauren Billie

Position: Guard

Classification: Senior

Hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Favorite song/artist: Usually listens to Chris Brown but chooses to listen to gospel music before practice. 

“I don’t really listen to super hyped music, it’s kind of just mellow to just get focused.” 

Misty Dossey



Hometown: Comanche, Oklahoma 

Favorite song/artist: Chamillionaire, because he reminds Dossey of her childhood. 

“My mom would always play it in the car just on the way to games. Chamillionaire is always going to get me pumped up.” 

Brian “Kipp” Warren

Position: Guard

Classification: Junior

Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana 

Favorite song/artists: J. Cole, Lil Wayne, Drake 

“The reason I listen to J. Cole is he’s more of, like, a deeper rapper, it makes me think more. Listening to that, it stimulates my brain.” 

DJ Bryant

Position: Guard

Classification: Junior

Hometown: Sarasota, Florida

Favorite song/artists: “God Favored Me” by Hezekiah Walker, along with more gospel music. 

“I like gospel music, especially before a game and things like that. It puts things in perspective, it kind of relaxes me and it gets my mind focused on the right things.”

David Azore

Position: Guard

Classification: Freshman

Hometown: Houston, Texas 

Favorite song/artists: “Power” by Kanye West, along with Drake and Travis Scott. 

“It just gets me going, gets my blood going. [It] makes everybody pick up their intensity, just gets me in that mindset, like, ‘It’s time to go out and play.’”

Pedro Castro

Position: Guard

Classification: Freshman

Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas

Favorite song/artists: “Drip Too Hard” by Lil Baby and Gunna 

“It just gets me locked in, but it gets me loose at the same time. It gets me feeling myself.”

McKade Marquis

Position: Guard

Classification: Freshman

Hometown: Whitehouse, Texas 

Favorite song/artists: Drake, Joyner Lucas and Lil Wayne. He has recently been listening to Lil Wayne’s new album, Tha Carter V, before practices. 

“I just like to be locked in, it kind of drowns out all the background noise of other people. People like to prepare for games differently, so some people are talkative, some aren’t. It’s kind of cool just being in your own little space.” 


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