The Dallas Wings named two-time WNBA champion Brian Agler as head coach Tuesday morning at College Park Center.

As the winningest coach in U.S. women’s professional basketball history, Agler enters his new gig with over 30 years of coaching experience. Throughout that time he spent 12 years as a WNBA head coach, most recently for the Los Angeles Sparks.

Agler succeeds former head coach Fred Williams, who was fired in August after the team went from holding a five-game winning streak to a nine-game losing streak ahead of the WNBA playoffs.

When arriving at the Metroplex, Agler said he got off the plane, looked at his phone and found a text from Williams congratulating him on the new job.

“Any and all success that we have moving forward, I just want to recognize [Williams] as a class-act and a great person, a good friend of mine,” Agler said.

The Dallas Wings finished the 2018 season with an overall record of 15-19.

“It is very difficult to achieve high level success in the WNBA,” Agler said. “I want to help the team build a strong foundation of championship characteristics and traits; if this can be established then positioning for a championship can begin.”


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