Campus Recreation offers sporting opportunities for all levels

Fraternity students get ready to take out the competition during the intramural dodgeball tournament on Feb. 2 at the Physical Education Building.

Once students get settled in and find their way around campus for the new semester, the next step is finding fun activities and ways to get involved.

One of those opportunities is at the Maverick Activities Center where intramural sports are offered each semester, even during the summer.

“Our team sports are pretty popular,” Drew Barfield, assistant director for Intramural Sports said. “Flag football and soccer are probably our two most participating activities.”

Each semester, intramural sports has a participation rate of about 2,000 students. The number increases to about 10,000 students when considering students who perform in more than one activity at a time, Barfield said.

Intramural sports like flag football, basketball, and softball are some of the more popular sports and are played in a tournament style setting that often draws multiple students teams.

The MAC goes even further to break down the varying leagues by offering different levels of competition. Students who were varsity athletes in high school have the option of competing in a different bracket than students who may have never played a sport before.

Music education sophomore Lilly Bailey, who is also a member of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority, said she uses intramural sports as a way to get together with her friends and community around the campus.

“Playing intramural sports is absolutely fun,” Bailey said. “I love getting together with my friends and playing because it builds a sense of teamwork and community and even if you lose, you still have fun no matter what.”

In addition to providing opportunities for students to try something new, intramural sports can also teach skills, like teamwork and time management that can be useful in class, Barfield said.

UTA offers a wide variety of team and individual sports that students can sign up for each semester. Team sports include flag football, volleyball, outdoor soccer, softball and basketball, all of which have a team fee of $25 .

Individual sports include video games, Fantasy Football, College Football Pick ‘Em, Foosball and more.


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