A foot lifts out of ankle-deep mud during an Oozeball match Oct. 4, 2013, on the Oozeball lots.

Oozeball, what Drew Barfield, campus recreation intramural sports associate director, calls a one of a kind event, is less than a week away.

"You're probably not going to be able to play mud volleyball any other time than Oozeball," Barfield said.

While the event, set for Friday, is on the intramural calendar, it is not considered an intramural sport nor a fitness and wellness event.

Oozeball, which started with one court and a handful of teams in 1989, has grown to as many as 10 courts and more than 104 teams participated in 2015.

Barfield, who hasn't participated in the event, has watched the event grow from the time he joined the campus recreation staff in 2005 and said he takes a moment every year to walk around and take in the games.

"Everybody is having a great time," Barfield said. "Smiling and laughing, it's just a one of a kind event."

Kinesiology junior Phillip Sifuentes played Oozeball last year and said mud volleyball is like no other sport he has played. 

"As the day went on it got pretty difficult, the mud got really thick and deep," Sifuentes said. "It was almost like playing in quick sand so that was pretty weird, but really cool."

Sifuentes said it is almost impossible to have any sort of strategy in Oozeball because players can barely move, so he suggested teams just try their best to keep the ball up. 

While Barfield doesn’t have many tips for participants, he does suggest that they tape their shoes to their legs and that they stretch prior to the game.

Marketing-and-management junior Denisse Carrera said tape couldn't save her shoes. 

"The mud made volleyball 10 times more challenging, but 10 times more fun too," Carrera said. "It was a great experience and I wouldn't mind losing a pair of shoes to mud again."



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