There’s nothing wrong with being sexy.

On Friday, the largest burlesque show in Texas will peek from the stage of Lakewood Theater in Dallas.

Their target: Politics.

“We are making fun of all things political,” said show producer Shoshana Portnoy. “It’s a free-for-all.”

The show will touch on topics ranging from the burst of the housing bubble to Michelle Obama.

While some may peg burlesque within the same realm as stripping, performer Divertida Devotchka said the world of burlesque is all about loving the female form and empowering the performer. 

“With modern stripping, the idea is that the girl is performing for you for as much money as she can get from you and the power at that point is in the customer’s hands,” Devotchka said. “With burlesque, you pay for a ticket but really, the power is in the performer’s hands. I control what you see, how much you see, when you see it, the pace that you get to see it. It’s basically an inverted power structure.”

It’s artistic, said Jerry Fedora, co-owner, “It’s an outlet for expression.” 

Devotchka says burlesque helped improve her self-confidence.

“Burlesque is something that teaches you to embrace every curve and, if you have a flaw, well, flaunt it,” she said.

Since creating Viva Dallas Burlesque in 2009, Portnoy says she has seen the sensational trend grow considerably, at times selling upwards of 800 tickets a show. 

“I think there are a fair number of people who are tired of entertainment that’s on a box,” Fedora said. “They want to see something live.”

Growing up a tomboy, performer Devotchka said the stage was the last place she expected to end up on. After watching her college friends start a dance group, her mind quickly changed.

“It just looked like too much fun to not be doing,” she said. “It’s just this strange double life that I lead. Where, if I want to be girly, I can do this character. Then, if I want to go back to being Tomboy-video-game, I can do that too. It’s fun to be able to explore both sides of my nature.”


I am a Broadcast/Journalism double major and Theater minor. I love art and culture. I want to spread happiness and understanding.

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