Makeup. It is fascinating how one product can have different purposes to so many. Because of it, women are often questioned about their physical appearance.

“Why are you trying so hard?”

“Should you put on a bit of makeup to conceal your blemishes?”

Instead of answering these questions, makeup should serve as a tool for physical or professional empowerment that is applicable to anyone.

Throughout the years, the makeup industry has defied society’s understanding of what beauty is. The view of makeup representing femininity in the past has begun to dissolve as time has progressed. Women like Alicia Keys can wear a simple bare face, and talented makeup artists like Jeffree Star can demonstrate how to do a cut crease with a rainbow eyeshadow palette. Now, everyone can rightfully express themselves.

Belloso, isabella

Belloso is a journalism freshman and Community Voices columnist for The Shorthorn 

This growth in the makeup industry has allowed me to be open-minded. To me, the makeup industry symbolizes maturity and what it means to be a woman. Prior to my discovery of the many sides of the beauty and makeup world, I held beliefs similar to how past generations viewed makeup: A way to appeal to others and to make yourself seem more presentable.

However, as I have grown older, I have realized that makeup is less about femininity and more about self-confidence and empowerment. Makeup encourages me to get out of bed, and it allows me to express myself and only myself. It does more than just conceal what I wish, it empowers me to show the person I want to present myself as.

The sad reality is that currently there are still women who feel the need to wear makeup to appear more attractive. Because of that, society compares and pits women against each other to determine who is more presentable and attractive. This can lead to low self-esteem and an insecure self-image.

No matter what you do, makeup or no, you’re likely to be judged. We should learn to present ourselves as we wish since the most important person to satisfy should be yourself.

Makeup is a way to artistically represent who you are. Society needs to recognize this so everyone, not just women, can express themselves comfortably with no regrets. The concept of beauty has been revolutionized because of modern day makeup. It’s time for the rest of society to receive that message.


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