On Tuesday, Sept. 24, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced formal proceedings of impeachment against President Donald Trump on the grounds of his involvement with the president of Ukraine.

This impeachment is the absolute worst path that Democrats could take in removing Trump.

Not only is there only a little over a year before the next elections, but any impeachment proceedings are not likely to make it through a Republican-controlled Senate, especially when that Senate is ran by Mitch McConnell, who has repeatedly made it his mission to defend his party over the citizens of the United States.

Beyond just the logistics of impeachment at this stage, this route toward removing Donald Trump has a massive, glaring weakness.

That weakness is Joe Biden.

Currently the Democratic frontrunner in most polls, Biden would certainly seem like a good target for Trump, and why not? Biden has consistently been hammered down by his colleagues in the debates and has a long history of supporting policies that undermine the will of the American people. A primary example is his support for the war in Iraq under President Bush.

Most importantly, Biden is actually corrupt. He used his position to get Ukraine to fire its top prosecutor. This was in 2015, when Biden was vice president.

So, take a centrist Democratic candidate who has no idea how to speak to young people, has a history of corruption, and who is offering no real fundamental change. Put that person against Trump in a general election.

Demarest, Jonathan

Demarest is political science junior and Community Voices columnist for The Shorthorn.

Wait, is this 2016, or 2020?

With this scandal at his feet, Biden could have his work cut out for him if he became the Democratic nominee. With his ineptitude, lack of vision and political history, Biden could easily lose to Trump in 2020.

That’s the first problem. The second is that there are so many better ways to remove Trump than impeachment. Are we forgetting who this president is?

This is the president who recently sent troops — without the approval of Congress — to Saudi Arabia to defend their oil fields against attacks from Iran. One problem; Iran denied involvement and, Houthi rebels from Yemen said they were behind the attack.

This is a president whose tax plan further increases wealth inequality in our country, while the richest continue to thrive. This is a president who is waging a trade war against China, which is putting American farmers at risk.

So, here is the question. When there is so much to beat Trump on, and so many angles to attack him from, why has the DNC settled on going after this Ukrainian scandal? Why put so much effort into this one issue, so much so that they have made it their catalyst for impeachment?

The answer is simple. They want Joe Biden to be the nominee, and they know that he needs every bit of help he can get. Put a progressive up against Trump in a debate, and Trump won’t stand a chance, but a moderate like Biden? Trump beat Hillary Clinton. This is just history repeating itself.

If the primary goal is to defeat Trump in 2020, then the Democrats are making every possible mistake toward that path. Run a progressive, attack Trump on his countless issues in every aspect of governing, and most relevantly, forget about trying to impeach him when we can elect him out of office in less than 18 months.

Young people, especially college students, have a choice. We can either stand by and let others tell us who should lead us, or we can get out and vote.

Trump will not be removed from office by impeachment. That is a fairy tale. If you want to beat him, drop Biden and vote for progressives at every level of governance.


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