Please can we stop with the billionaires running for president? Howard Schultz, the former CEO of Starbucks, has stated he is considering a run for president in the upcoming 2020 election. The former owner of the Seattle SuperSonics has decided that the left has gone too far with their affordable healthcare and taxes on the ultra wealthy, and that someone needs to step in. He argues that as a successful businessman he will be able to lead the country back on the right track. 

This sure is starting to sound familiar.

President Donald Trump was elected on the basis that, as a businessman, he would make the “best” leader and get America the “best” deals. That he would drain the swamp and bring in his other billionaire friends and together they would make America great again! Look how well that worked out for us.

The president is not just the boss of negotiating deals and firing people. The president is supposed to to be a moral leader, the commander in chief, a peacemaker and leader of the free world. All these roles take more experience than just board meetings and conference calls with investors; they require real grit, good decision-making and most importantly the ability to compromise. Just because someone is wealthy or has been successful in business does not mean that they have these qualities.


Dennehy is a political science sophomore and Community Voices columnist for The Shorthorn.

We cannot allow the keys to the government to be sold to the highest bidder with the best sound bites and the highest net worth. And furthermore, the U.S. government should not be run like a business. It is not run for profit. How is a businessman any more equipped to command our military than a career public servant? Remember that the president has the power to command the military and launch a vast nuclear arsenal. Do we really want to hand it over to someone because their bank account has a lot of zeros in it?

An independent jumping into the 2020 race will only suck votes from the Democrats and assure a second victory for Trump. That’s why only Republicans are urging Schultz to run.

The last time an independent garnered a substantial number of votes was in 2000. The man’s name was Ralph Nader, and because of him Al Gore lost the election by just a few thousand votes in Florida, and George W. Bush was elected. For all the talk he’s made about being reasonable and bringing sense back to the process, Schultz sure is ignorant of all the damage his candidacy could do. 

The fact of the matter is that Schultz will not become president. No matter what, independents can’t win the election. It’s just the way the electoral system works. All he can do is self-fund a mediocre campaign in a few states that will ultimately upset the election and ensure Trump a victory in 2020.

Maybe Schultz should start off his new political career by running for a lower office like school board or city council. That way he could gain some real governing experience. And while he’s at it, we as Americans really need to stop considering wealth as a qualifier for the presidency.


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