If you pay attention to politics, you know that they move fast. If you are Joe Biden, you can’t keep up.

In the past two weeks, Biden, who has yet to announce his 2020 bid for the presidency, has gone from likely Democratic primary favorite to disgraced former vice president. All of this because of his inappropriate contact with women, which has been recently exposed by the media. And by exposed, I mean the media replaying cable footage of him, that has existed for nearly a decade, on television.

This time, with credible accusations of unwanted touching coming in almost every other day, most notably from Lucy Flores and Amy Lappos, Biden has been forced to come to terms with the fact that the chickens have come home to roost, and no apologies will suffice.

In the age of “woke” liberalism, Biden’s over-the-top public affection has passed its cute phase and entered the creepy predator stage.

But why the sudden switch?


Abaya is an architecture graduate student and Community Voices columnist for The Shorthorn.

Just a few years back, Biden was the aviator wearing, fun-loving uncle of the oval office that the media liked to show around. Yeah, he would sometimes get a little too close and a little too touchy with the ladies, but he was useful. He put a compassionate face on the Democratic party and made the position of vice president seem important.

Now, with the 2020 election around the corner, he’s old news and Democrats have gotten the mileage they needed out of him.

The truth is, his politics are nowhere near as radical as Democratic voters would like. He’s luke-warm on abortion, he has stated that he’s for a freer market (give it time), he’s not gay and he’s white.

Together, these factors signify a kink in the progressive movement. By being straight, he doesn’t understand the plight of LGBT Americans like Pete Buttigieg does. By being white, he doesn’t understand the discrimination colored Americans face as Kamala Harris does. By being old (don’t worry about Bernie, he’s hip), he doesn’t understand the financial crisis millennials are in like Cory Booker does. By being characteristically moderate, he doesn’t have the hand gestures or table-climbing abilities to show his youth, as Beto does.

But most of all, now that it’s fashionable to care about women’s personal space, he’s a burden to progressives.

Disregard Bill Clinton’s sexual improprieties in the ‘90s (which Democrats did then), Al Franken’s groping of Leeann Tweeden, or Harvey Weinstein’s record of sexual assault (an open secret in Hollywood for more than a decade). Biden poses a threat to the image Democrats have spent years making.

If anything, Biden is aptly situated to be made an example of by the left.

So with election season quickly approaching, it should be more evident to the public that the left is using Biden for political expediency. Though his inappropriate behavior was evident during the Obama presidency, a political win was not necessary then. With Trump in office, it’s obvious it is now.

Sure, there may be a current divide on the left regarding Biden’s actions, but give it a few months — when more political power is on the line — and many will be singing a different tune. With last year’s Brett Kavanaugh debacle (which had zero corroborative evidence), leftists have made their bed, with a “believe all women” comforter, and have now forced themselves to sleep in it.

If we, as the American people, are truly interested in calling balls and strikes, we should call out Democrats for their lack of interest in situations that don’t benefit them politically.

Right now, it’s as clear as day that many on the left are more interested in the image of progress than actual progress, and the image of virtue rather than actual virtue.

There is no doubt that the #MeToo movement has brought about clarity with regard to inappropriate behavior, but in the hands of the left, it has been utilized to forward petty politics that leave both politics and women worse off.



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