According to the 2020 operational budget summary provided by the UT-System, UTA will be raising tuition and fees by 4.5%, which combined with the new 2.25% convenience fee levied on credit/debit card payments on MyMav, equates to a nearly 7% spike in tuition. While it’s true that students can theoretically avoid the convenience fee, most students will nevertheless absorb the cost. The university’s operating expenses are expected to increase for research, student services and academic support. But UTA’s state appropriations have also increased by 13.6%, or 18 million dollars.

The increase in tuition, despite the increase in state funding, does not come as a surprise to me. If it does to you, then you must realize that your interests are not aligned with the university’s. Whereas your interests may lie in a gradual reduction in tuition, UTA has made it clear through their Strategic Plan that they are interested in becoming the best of the best, a thought leader and an enabler of themes such as health and the human condition, and sustainable urban communities.

In my opinion, we’re missing the forest for the trees. Students need lower tuition. The more services this university offers, the more expensive our tuition becomes. The hard truth is that our students cannot afford these services, let alone finance this lavish dream of our administration.

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