Fans watch the Mavericks play California State University Bakersfield during the National Invitation Tournament quarterfinal March 22 at College Park Center. 

March 20 was a night 17 years in the making. I graduated from UTA in 2000 (when we were without the color orange) and "commuter school" described us. 

Back then, as it is now, "bring back football" was the popular chatter among the student body. Yet, the talented student athletes, then and now, did not receive the support they deserved. 

That changed that night. I have never been so proud to be at a UTA sporting event. The school has come a long way from the old Texas Hall days when I was on campus. The atmosphere was boisterous and electric. The team was phenomenal, and everyone was proud to be a Maverick.

The best part was sharing the night with my son. He will be a freshman this coming fall, and he was able to witness both the student body and alumni pride, which has kicked up his excitement level of attending an extra notch.

We drove home, immediately turned on the DVR, and enjoyed the game again on national TV.

UTA, you have come a long way, and we can't wait to see how far you will go! Proud to be a Maverick!

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