Editorial: Celebrate National Newspaper Week with your local news publication

A free press is necessary not because of the information journalists can reveal, but because of the people it directly affects.

This year, the 78th annual National Newspaper Week runs from Oct. 7 to 13. The week is sponsored by the Newspaper Association Managers. It serves as a time to recognize the efforts of news publications and their employees across the country, from reporters and photographers to fact-checkers and page designers.

They all are a crucial piece of the larger picture — the implementation of the First Amendment.

The Shorthorn has been around since what feels like the beginning of time, almost 100 years. Since its inception in 1919, our values and mission have always included not just reporting on issues faced by the campus and community, but also the triumphs celebrated by students, faculty and staff.

Although we shared our readership with papers like the Arlington Daily News and the Arlington Citizen-Journal in the past, today we are the only remaining daily news organization in the city of Arlington.

While other media outlets surround us in the Metroplex, The Shorthorn’s coverage bounds go beyond the campus, which is something we take seriously.

From our reporting earlier this year about firefighters suing the city on claims it wasn’t upholding the civil service measure, to keeping you informed about all the discussions surrounding the E.H. Hereford controversy, you, the reader, are our top priority when it comes to deciding the stories and content we’re going to produce.

Our diverse, nontraditional campus is exactly what we want represented within it.

Newspapers aren’t dead, and the people running them sure aren’t either. Celebrate this week by subscribing to your local paper, keeping up with The Shorthorn every day through our newsletters and picking up a print edition each Wednesday.

The Shorthorn Editorial Board is made up of Opinion Editor Shay Cohen, Editor-in-Chief Narda Perez, News Editor Samantha Douty, Life and Entertainment Editor Maxwell Hilliard, Copy Desk Chief Caitlin Sherrill, Sports Reporter Dallas Johnson and News Reporter Jacob Reyes.

Cohen was absent for this meeting.



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