What is one of the most popular words in the Urban Dictionary that teenagers and young adults use today? It’s the word trippy.

Trippy is an adjective used to describe the hallucinatory effect produced by a psychedelic drug. The word also seems to carry a connotation of being cool.

Dabir, Amreen

Dabir is an economics freshman and CommUNITY Voices columnist.

What does every young adult in college seek to be among their peers? Yes, you guessed correctly. They seek to achieve the ultimate coolness. Their subconscious works thinking the cooler they become, they’ll be able to gain more approval from people.

However misleading it may be, doing drugs is repeatedly viewed as being cool among young minds. One thing leads to another and before they know it, college students are hooked on an endless loop of recreational drug use. LSD, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, marijuana, ecstasy and alcohol are among the most commonly used recreational drugs.

This is a cause of alarm in our society. It would certainly amount to be the pinnacle of losses to lose our youth to substance abuse. Be it a psychedelic or narcotic drugs, it is just a momentary escape from reality in exchange of a cruel compensation. It is the kind of compensation that can impair brain activity and distort perception for a lifetime. Drugs are merely temporary cheat codes, giving us false senses of security.

Why are these young adults so eager to give up health that they have been blessed with when many others are merely clinging onto what’s left of their health?

It’s time to redefine what is actually cool.

It’s not cool doing what others are doing just to fit in. Cool is taking care of the beautiful bodies we’ve been gifted as a part of creation. Young adults today abuse drugs to gain people’s approval or attention. They do so to increase self-worth instead of just taking the basic steps necessary toward survival, like not harming the body mentally or physically.

They need to be aware of this irony.

Maturity and coolness are achieved when one stops seeking superficial attention and takes charge of their life. Momentary bliss has the potential of being fatal. If we consume all our happiness at once, we’ll be left desolate. We should spread out how we want our brains to release hormones like oxytocin and neurotransmitter like dopamine throughout our lifetime, bit by bit.

That is when we’ll be able to taste the beauty of life.

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