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The death of John Singleton marks a tragic time in Hollywood. Singleton’s career as a filmmaker was historic due to his depiction of the African-American experience. Singleton’s films are iconic because of the beautifully crafted lessons taught in each film.

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When a student first moves into an on-campus residence, they are met with a flurry of papers, room inspection forms, coupons to local restaurants and emergency phone numbers. All good stuff for a new or returning student.

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Donald Trump ran for president on a platform that called to return the United States to the top of the world order. His international decisions have had the opposite effect.

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Inside the College of Architecture, Planning and Public Affairs building, students are studying how our society works, lives and plays in the current climate.

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A few weeks ago, I finally decided to make use of my limited free time and do laundry. While throwing the clothes out of my closet, I noticed an old T-shirt from my freshman year of high school: a size small, faded neon green shirt that read “CLASS OF 10.”