Renovations to Woolf Hall’s fourth floor are underway. Floors one and two are already complete, with the third on the roster.

Tom Boeckers, facilities management carpenter supervisor, said construction on the fourth floor will complete before the end of summer but the third floor will likely be underway during the start of the fall semester.

Jeff Johnson, maintenance operations and special projects director, said replacing the 80-year-old piping connecting all four levels of restrooms has taken the project longer than initially expected, pushing the anticipated Aug. 31 deadline back.

Johnson said when completed, all four floors will have new restrooms as well as updated lighting and ceiling tiles in the hallway.

Boeckers anticipates having the demolition completed on the third floor before the start of fall classes. He has also expressed concern for the noise levels and in order to not interrupt or inhibit students’ studies, he said they will keep the noise to a minimum during peak student hours.

Boeckers stressed that student welfare is a major concern of all his projects, and any noise complaints can be sent to the Office of Facilities Management.

Johnson added that they are looking to remodel some of the labs and classrooms in the near future.


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