UTA Racing revs up this fall with 19th annual Texas Autocross Weekend

A member of the UTA Racing Team rips around the course during the Texas Autocross Weekend on Sept. 29, 2018 in Lot 49. UTA Racing will kick off its 19th annual Texas Autocross Weekend on Sept. 14.

UTA Racing will kick off its 19th annual Texas Autocross Weekend on Saturday in Lot 49.

Thirteen teams have registered, making for a total of 29 cars, 187 students and 97 drivers, according to an event information packet. University teams and alumni from schools all over the state are participating, as well as university teams from outside the state, such as the University of Oklahoma and Louisiana State University.

Spectators are welcome to attend the free event, but will be asked to sign a waiver, said Chris Dunn, mechanical engineering junior and UTA Racing team captain. The two courses for the weekend are the more familiar 1998 FSAE Endurance track and the new 2017 Lincoln autocross.

“We got a [lot of] cars coming out, we got alumni coming in to drive them,” Dunn said.

Before Saturday, teams will come together to socialize at UTA and make any repairs on their cars. Dunn said he encourages spectators to choose a day to attend based on what aspect of racing they would like to see.

Saturday is a day of casual racing with no limit on runs per driver. Drivers have a chance to drive two courses and see how their times have improved or changed.

Dunn said the more casual nature of the races makes for a great way to see the drivers and teams have fun.

Sunday is similarly set up as a traditional autocross style, making it more competitive and serious.



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