UTA Police Chief Kim Lemaux shined a light on dark pockets of campus buildings as Student Government shined a light on campus safety issues.

Student Government, UTA Police and the Environmental Health and Safety Office joined forces on Tuesday to check assistance call boxes, street lights and other facilities across campus for safety at the annual Night Walk.

For Lemaux, walking on foot at night with students is a chance to see potential issues on campus from student, faculty and staff points of view.

“It’s not an event with a lot of people,” she said. “We get to see what’s going on on campus.”

In six groups, students and staff worked together to note any safety concerns found on respective routes. The concerns will go to the appropriate administration, said Niveen Joulani, Student Government chief of staff. She said it is important to give detail, such as a light post number, when writing observations.

Peter Pimolsri, student body vice president, planned for six groups to cover the campus. He said the increase in Student Government membership meant he could add one more group to the roster.

He said having more groups surveying the campus would allow students to see more details.

Rather than holding its regular bi-weekly General Body meeting, the Student Senate participated in the Night Walk. Many of the participants in the event were student senators.

This was business senator Daniela Garcia’s first time attending. Garcia noted her group’s findings in a list, which eventually totaled 23 observations, including unlit light posts and cracked pavement.

“It’s really nice to actually, instead of just talking over the issues and making suggestions, actually going out and seeing what problems we have on our campus,” she said. “I feel like it’s a more technical way of helping. A more practical way.”

Garcia’s group toured parking lots and alcoves between buildings including the Maverick Activities Center, Texas Hall and the Fine Arts Building.

Collin Warwick, Special Affairs committee chairman in Student Senate, said the route was more efficient this year because it was not as spread out.

Warwick and his group discovered a trio of dead lights next to the MAC.

“I live right here,” Warwick said. “All this stuff is where I go through every day.”



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