UTA launched the first wave of redesigns since 2010 to its website Thursday. The launch included updates to the UTA homepage, admissions and campus map pages. 

UTA’s website is getting a makeover.

On Thursday, the university launched its first wave of redesigns headed by University Advancement and the Office of Information Technology, with a second wave set to deploy on Aug. 28.

The redesign — the first of its kind since 2010 — intends to improve overall user experience, accessibility and present a unified brand identity for the university, according to an email sent out by the university.

The first deployment of updates saw overhauls for the website’s homepage, admissions page, academics page, student life page, the website’s campus map, the about us page, visit us page and news page.

“While the goal is a flawless experience,” said the email, “you may discover that items you frequently visit have moved or other issues that come with a technical undertaking of this magnitude.”

The university encourages website visitors to report issues through their ServiceNow portal under the “Report the Issues” tab.



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