University Advancement, housed in the Office of University Communications, is inviting students to participate in a spirit event at noon Friday in the Engineering Research Building courtyard.

The department is asking for about 400 students to wear blue and be a part of a picture where they will be positioned to create an “A” that symbolizes UTA.

Chief Communications Officer Joe Carpenter said it’s an opportunity for students to help tell the university’s story.

The idea is to depict the “A” with the very people who represent the “A,” Carpenter said. He hopes students will be proud to be in the photo and to represent their school.

The idea came after realizing that the office has a lot of pictures for press releases and marketing materials, but they didn’t have one that represents or brands the university, he said. It’s also an opportunity to showcase the university’s diversity.

After the photo shoot, pizza will be provided in Nedderman Hall for those that participated.

Carpenter said the image will be used for various holiday-themed publications, future marketing materials and for communications with alumni and prospective donors.

“We’re trying to represent, just in a little bit of a different way, the spirit and the energy that we find at the university in our students,” he said.


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