A crowd of students gathered outside the University Center on Wednesday to protest the detention of migrant children at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Mark Napieralski, art senior and leading organizer for the Progressive Student Union, said the organization created the event to encourage local political organization in the UTA community.

“We all just can’t go to the border. We all just can’t go to these concentration camps and protest them directly there. We need to organize around here,“ Napieralski said. “People here are potentially in danger, people here need to know about it, and people here need to organize.”

Napieralski said UTA is one of the most diverse campuses in this nation, so issues like this are relevant to its students.

Organization member Arissa Moore spoke at the protest. Moore said she chose to speak because she thinks the media isn’t paying enough attention to the issue.

“It’s not humane, and it’s not right to continue to allow this to go on,” Moore said about the detention camps.

Daniel Pichardo, history junior and organization member, said the protest was a way to shed light on the conditions of the detention camps.

Leaders of multiple faith-based organizations attended the event.

The Rev. Dr. Katie Hays, who belongs to a local Disciples of Christ church, compared current events to biblical scripture. She said the Bible tells the story of refugees, including the story of Jesus fleeing to Egypt after his birth.

“When I’m reading the story of Jesus, I’m reading the story of one who feels himself appointed by God to side with those who have been pushed out and kept out and kicked out,” Hays said.



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