Student Senate tabled resolutions during committee meetings Tuesday as the end of the semester approaches.

Tabling a resolution means to hold action on it until the following semester. In the case of these tabled resolutions, the committees determined that more research was needed before a vote is held.

“Renaming Davis Hall” is a resolution asking that UTA considers renaming Davis Hall to no longer memorialize former university dean E.E. Davis. This resolution was written because of the racist undertones and rhetoric used in books he authored.

No research was assigned for this resolution and the Student Affairs Committee decided it needed more time to research the issue, committee chairperson Roman Vasquez said. The committee also tabled the “Locked the Keys to Success in my car,” and “Forgive me for I have Failed” resolutions.

“I am Woman, Give Me Options,” was tabled by the Academic Affairs Committee, chairperson Aakankhya Patro said. The resolution calls for the university to regularly stock and maintain women’s hygiene product dispensers in campus restrooms.

The resolution was tabled to research possible vendors for the dispensers, Patro said. A Maverick Opinion Board was run to gauge students’ opinions on the resolution, which showed that most participants were in favor of it.

The committee also tabled two other resolutions: “Summer Schoolin” and “All Hail Credit By Exam.”

The Community Affairs Committee tabled three resolutions: “Lead the Way,” “Attention! We have a Wheely Good Bike Policy,” and “May the fork be with you,” chairperson Briana Means said.


Dalton Heitmeier is the 86th Texas Legislature beat reporter.

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