Student Senate passed five and tabled 10 resolutions during its last general body meeting of the semester.

According to a previous Shorthorn article, if a resolution is passed in the Legislative Branch, it is sent to the Executive Branch, where the Student Body president and the External Relations Committee begin the logistics involved in its implementation.

Anything passed by Student Senate is only a recommendation to the university, said Jennifer Fox Taylor, Student Governance assistant director. Resolutions that are passed are not automatically implemented, and both Student Body president and vice president work with administrators to implement resolutions.

Tabled resolutions will continue in the spring semester for further research or later voting in the following semester.

Resolution “Attention! We Have a Wheely Good Bike Policy” passed with 28 votes in favor, zero opposed and no abstentions.

The resolution originally called for signs to be installed at bike racks informing students who to contact to remove an abandoned bike.

The Community Affairs Committee added an amendment recommending UTA Police review and revise UTA policy to clarify what an abandoned bike is and have periodic roundups of abandoned bikes to tag and remove them.

Resolution “We need adequate lactation rooms” passed with 25 votes, zero opposed and two abstentions.

The resolution calls for the university to make efforts in raising awareness of the lactation room locations, visible signage stating the rooms' purpose, and a sink, table and no smoking signs in each room.

Daryn Trube, College of Business senator, said building additional lactation rooms is important to mothers because if they cannot take care of their children, they are more likely to drop out.

Through research, the Special Affairs Committee found out that having a lactation room in a restroom breaks the Texas law regarding lactation rooms on universities, said Rebecca Olatunde, the committee’s chairwoman.

According to the Wellness Programs webpage, there are two private lactation rooms inside women’s restrooms in Pickard Hall and University Hall.

During the Student Senate discussion, Julia St. John, College of Science senator, said adding lactation rooms separate from the restrooms will be less expensive than a lawsuit.

Resolution “Apartment Lease Clarity” passed with 28 votes in favor, zero opposed and no abstentions.

The resolution originally called for University Housing to review its apartment lease agreement while also taking into consideration the 85% reletting fee that burdens students.

The Community Affairs Committee added an amendment calling for UTA to make a separate and shorter version of its apartment lease handbook as well as an informational video to inform students about fees.

Resolution “Commemorating Zeb Strong” passed with 21 votes in favor, two opposed and six abstentions.

The resolution called for the university to create a public display to commemorate his legacy.

Resolution “Contraceptive Availability” passed with 21 votes in favor, two opposed and five abstentions.

The resolution called for the University Center Market to sell emergency contraceptive pills.

Olatunde said Haley Ariyibi, Speaker of the Senate, emailed UC Director David Albart about the possibility of the Market selling these items.

Albart replied that Dining Services is working on selling contraceptive pills, and they will be available for purchase next semester, she said.

The Special Affairs Committee determined the resolution has the potential to decrease dropout rates since a student would not have to worry about an unplanned pregnancy, Olatunde said.


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