The Student Senate unanimously passed a resolution in the last general body meeting of the fall 2018 semester.

The resolution, “Outlets for All,” requires the Nedderman Science and Engineering Library to provide more electrical outlets or power strips for students. The resolution had 17 votes in favor, none against and no abstentions.

Phimvaly Sarawichitr, College of Engineering senator, wrote the resolution and submitted it on Oct. 2.

Student Affairs Committee of the Student Senate researched the resolution. Chairperson Roman Vasquez detailed the committee’s research before the vote.

Senators talked to associate university librarian Suzanne Byke about the resolution. Byke said she is looking for possible solutions beyond hard-walled outlets.

“I’m confident that we will be able to add additional outlets, I just don’t know how many or the cost yet,” she said.

Senators also counted the number of outlets in other campus libraries to compare it with the Nedderman Science and Engineering Library, Vasquez said.

The resolution’s cons included it being a low-traffic library and the possible cost, he said. Vasquez said another con would be that more outlets could increase library traffic making the library too busy.

One of the pros was adding the outlets would allow easier usage of technology in the library. Furthermore, it would add an additional resource for students, he said.

“We’re not really effectively using the available space and the resources that are there,” Sarawichitr said.

The tables along the walls near the outlets are used the most, but sometimes the tables in the middle of the room away from the outlets are underutilized, she said.

Cecilia Silva, Speaker of the Senate, thanked the senators for their hard work over the course of the semester.

“It’s been another successful semester with having many resolutions go through the process,” Silva said.


Dalton Heitmeier is the 86th Texas Legislature beat reporter.

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