Student Publications committee appoints The Shorthorn editor in chief for spring 2020

Brian Lopez

Journalism senior Brian Lopez has been named The Shorthorn editor in chief for the spring semester.

Lopez started working at The Shorthorn in fall 2018 as the College of Business news reporter. Since then he has served as associate news editor, managing editor and news editor.

Each semester, a committee made up of students and faculty members gathers to interview the editor in chief applicants, review their application materials and vote on which applicant to appoint for the following semester. The editor in chief sets The Shorthorn's goals, oversees all operations and content, and manages the newsroom staff of about 50 students.

Since being appointed, Lopez has filled the 10 section editor positions in the newsroom. Each of the section editors will interview applicants and hire for their staff. The Shorthorn newsroom is student-run, and each position is filled on a per-semester basis.

Lopez said he hopes to lead the newsroom as editor in chief for next semester to create excellent journalism, prepare his staff to enter the profession and serve the campus community.

“The No. 1 thing we really pride ourselves on is good and accurate reporting. I want to keep building on that,” he said. “We need to make sure that we let the public know what's going on."


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