Film junior Avery Hartwell arrived early in front of the Housing Office to see the campus election results. More students gradually gathered in the University Center hallway waiting for the results.

When an ROTC member finally posted them, Hartwell found his name bolded in blue under the Mr. UTA category. He yelled “Mr. UTA” in excitement and ran down the hallway screaming and laughing.

“I didn’t think I would be this happy,” Hartwell said.

The spring 2013 campus elections ended Tuesday with the posted results showing both incumbents and newcomers earning positions.

Some candidates said the elections were tough this semester because more people ran for positions.

“Just the competition, just seeing who can be the most vocal and try to get the most votes out there,” said Omar Alameddin, a marketing sophomore and a business senator.

Candidates campaigned on the University Center mall Monday and Tuesday, trying to convince students to vote.

Avery said he campaigned really hard and is ready to get started.

“My next step is to first get with Ms. UTA, congratulate her, become friends with her so we can have a good year,” he said.

Avery said he also plans to talk to the current Ms. UTA Ify Okonkwo for pointers on being a university representative.

Interdisciplinary studies junior Melisa Gonzalez, the new Ms. UTA, said the competition was really rough.

“Everyone brought something to the table, and I felt that everyone was extremely eligible and extremely qualified to be a great Ms. UTA,” she said.

Gonzalez said she too plans to receive pointers on being a leader from current SC President Jennifer Fox.

A few candidates, such as biology sophomore Mina Tricomi-Peugh, ran for more than one position. Tricomi-Peugh won a seat on the Student Service Allocation Committee and is a science senator for a one-year term.

“I can really focus the whole year on being in Student Congress and hopefully running for a committee chair and doing more in Student Congress,” she said.

Tricomi-Peugh said she is thankful to her constituents.

“I have a huge sunburn because I was out in the sun asking people to vote for me,” she said. “So, thank you for actually voting and giving me your support. I’m so honored and blessed to have so many nice people.”


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