With summer classes starting Monday, students should pack an umbrella to prepare for daily chances of showers and thunderstorms.

“Even though we’re into June now, we’re still gonna be behaving a lot more like spring with nearly daily thunderstorm chances,” said Daniel Huckaby, National Weather Service meteorologist.

The middle of the week is expected to see a 60% chance of precipitation and is likely to bring thunderstorms, according to the National Weather Service forecast.

Wednesday has the best chance for rain this week and will be followed by higher temperatures and humidity over the weekend, Huckaby said.

As the chance of rain increases, Metroplex residents can expect milder temperatures, he said.

The bulk of the week is likely to be warm with the highest temperatures on Monday and Tuesday being around 90 degrees, Huckaby said.

“Next weekend will be much better pool weather than this weekend was,” he said.

Later into June, the weather is expected to transition into sunny hot weather, Huckaby said.


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