Former congressman Ron Paul outlined his mission statement in two words: individual liberty.

Ron Paul spoke before 1,500 people Tuesday night in Texas Hall as part of the Maverick Speakers Series, Community Partnerships director James Hollis said.

After taking the stage and taking note of President Vistasp Karbhari, Paul launched into his talk titled Liberty Defined: The Future of Freedom.

Paul’s talk touched on a variety of what he perceived to be the ills facing the country.

This included the dangers posed by the federal reserve system and deficit spending.

“We have failed to stick to the principles that made this country great,” Paul said.

Above all, Paul said he took issue with how today’s politicians fail to follow the Constitution, pointing to what he considered to be a failed 100-year experiment with progressivism that lead to an oversized government.

Paul closed his talk with a Q&A session during which preselected students from the Political Science department asked questions previously cleared by both university staff and Paul’s agents based on subject and wording, Hollis said.

Political science senior Robert Stowers said he submitted four questions to be looked over by the department, including Rebecca Deen, the chairwoman of the political science department.

Political science junior Stephen Perkins said he is a longtime follower of Paul and was not disappointed by the talk.

“I’ve known his style for a long time; he’s very frank about his opinions, and he has many,” Perkins said. “I think he makes some very rational arguments.”

The next Maverick Speakers Series event will feature Donna Brazile and will be held Feb. 25.


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