Student Governance rebranded its campus election results event by holding Party After The Polls: Campus Election Results at Brazos Park on Tuesday night.

Election result parties have typically been held at businesses off campus under the title Mavs Take Over Election Edition, Ms. UTA Mavreena Purewal said. The event has been held at venues like Old School Pizza Tavern and the now-closed Texadelphia.

“The whole reason this park was created was to have an area where all students could come together,” Purewal said. “It’s been great that we’ve had our election results announced at other businesses, but I really wanted to change it to Brazos Park so that we can build a sense of community here at UTA.”

Fall campus elections are for Homecoming king and queen, student service allocation committee representatives, UTA Ambassadors and student senators.

Student body President Gavin Mitchell said students passing by the park were able to stop by, get free food and stay for live musical performances, raffles and games. Mitchell said because of the location, turnout improved significantly.

“This has to be at least double or triple what the turnout for last spring was,” he said. “Because it’s so central, it’s on campus, any student can come and watch.”

Purewal said she knew the turnout for the event would be better because students wouldn’t have to drive off of campus like in years past.

Students still in the running for Homecoming king are Mitul Kachhla, student body vice president; Mr. UTA Dylan Hernandez; and Ayman Arafa, business management marketing junior.

Candidates still in the running for Homecoming queen are Julia St. John, biology and psychology junior; kinesiology senior Rosa Vasquez; and information systems senior Roshni Jain.

Homecoming king and queen will be announced at the Homecoming basketball game on Saturday, Nov. 9, Chief Justice Sydney Rose said.

Sixteen UTA Ambassadors were elected to a one-year term.

Thirty-three student senators were elected. Twenty of them will serve a one-year term, and 13 will serve for a six-month term.

“This was a big test run,” Purewal said. “Based on how this event went, we were going to see if this is something we wanted to continue in the future.”


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