The second phase of construction along the northern side of the University Center is set to affect parking, deliveries and traffic in the area starting Nov. 11.

The construction is a part of a project to create a new $9.8 million entrance on the north side of the campus with a pedestrian walkway, a formal promenade and a parking lot extending to UTA Boulevard.

Phase two of the project will close parking Lot F11 on Nov. 10, according to an email sent by Parking and Transportation Services. Alternative parking will be available in Lot 38, which is east of Lot F11.

Handicap parking will relocate to the north side of Arlington Hall, accessible through Oak Street.

West First Street will become a dead end near the UC Starbucks entrance, resulting in only allowing handicap parking past Lot F12.

Parts of College Street, which is a one-way, will become two-way, according to the email. Drivers should follow the on-street signage.

Deliveries to the UC loading dock will enter into the construction site from South West Street then exit from Oak Street.

Phase three of the project is set to begin Feb. 24.


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