President Vistasp Karbhari addressed students’ issues during the second Pizza with the President event of the semester in the Palo Duro Lounge on Tuesday.

Karbhari addressed a student’s question about updates on future restaurants in the College Park District. He said the university is working with three vendors in hopes to bring them in next semester.

Construction management freshman Koosha Jamali asked Karbhari how advisers are evaluated each year.

Jamali said he received an email about advising so he made an appointment. Within 24 hours, he said he received a request from his adviser to cancel his appointment if he had nothing important to discuss.

He said he doesn’t believe freshmen receive the right amount of advising.

“As freshmen, I think we need the most time to be able to talk to our advisers for our futures and to be able to come back and reevaluate every year,” Jamali said. “It’s a really important step to be able to talk to someone.”

In response to his question, Karbhari said student feedback is documented through each department’s chair or in the Division of Student Success.

“If you feel that you didn’t get what you were expecting, or it was less than what you should have got, talk to the chair for the department or send them an email, and they will act on it,” Karbhari said.

Jamali said he doesn’t believe it would help to go to his department, and he believes advising should be more student-orientated.

A student from a fraternity asked Karbhari how members can provide evidence or reasoning on how one fraternity’s choices do not reflect all fraternities on campus.

Karbhari said the issue was systematic across campus. Required trainings were sent to Greek life members and are meant to remind students of what is expected from them.

The trainings are also to look out for student wellness and make sure they are not put in harm’s way, he said.

“It is the fact that philanthropy is the engagement with the community,” Karbhari said. “It is the spirit that you are bringing to the college, to the community. All those things are great, and that’s what we want to keep trying to build, and we will continue doing that.”

A student via Facebook asked about abandoned bikes and what happens to them.

Karbhari referred the question to the UTA Police Chief Kim Lemaux.

Lemaux said it’s sometimes difficult to determine if a bike is abandoned. However, knowing the amount of time the bike has been in a certain location is a good way to figure it out.

She encourages all students to register their bikes with the police department in case they are reported as abandoned or stolen.

If a student does see an abandoned bike, Lemaux said they should call 817-272-3381, the nonemergency number to dispatch.


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