Jim Bradley from Tulane University was named the new vice president for Information Technology and chief information officer Wednesday.

He will replace Maurice Leatherbury, the current vice president for Information Technology and chief information officer. Bradley will begin his term effective May 1 upon the retirement of Leatherbury, who said Bradley is just what UTA needs.

“He’s been in Texas, so he knows the Texas environment,” Leatherbury said. “He is a great fit for UT Arlington right now.”

According to a university news release, Bradley received all of his degrees from various universities in the Houston area. Bradley received his jurisprudence doctorate from South Texas College of Law, a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Saint Thomas and his bachelor’s degree in arts from the University of Houston.

Bradley agrees that his experience with Texas will help him ease into the Texas system once again.

"I'm walking into something familiar," Bradley said. "I do have a good understanding on how the Texas state standards work."

Bradley said he is also familiar with the Tier One process because he's been through it before. He plans to keep the IT department on track and improve the amount of research spending, a direct requirement for Texas' Tier One standards.

There are some things Bradley said he will do before attempting to put his department on the Tier One track.

"The first thing that I've got to do is listen," Bradley said. "Then work with others to get their top priorities and then get them done."

He also worked with some of the university’s prominent figures, Leatherbury said, which is why he trusts Bradley is the right person for the job.

According to the job posting for vice president for information technology, Bradley will be responsible for managing the technology department, creating a state-of-the-art technology environment and help transform the division into one that meets Tier One standards.

He will also directly report to the provost and vice president for Academic Affairs and serve as an active member of the president’s cabinet.

“Jim has a track record of leading strategic initiatives that enhance the ability of students and researchers to achieve world-class results,” Elsenbaumer said in the news release.

According to Bradley’s LinkedIn and faculty pages, he currently holds a position as the assistant vice president for Information Technology at Tulane University and has more than 20 years of experience in his field.

Leatherbury said he hopes Bradley maintains reliability on campus and improve the status of research computing here on campus.

These two steps, he said, would help Bradley guide the Information Technology to do its part in helping UTA reach Tier One status.

Leatherbury will leave UTA after serving since 2010 as its vice president for Information Technology and chief information officer. He said he is leaving with mixed feelings, but he intends to do as little work as possible after his retirement is finalized.

“My work is going to consist of me painting my front door, something I know I can do,” he said.



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