As K-pop music played and fresh crepes were being made, students participated in the Holiday Market event to learn different ethnic ways of celebrating the holiday season Wednesday on the University Center mall.

The Modern Languages Department hosted a Holiday Market featuring the Chinese Culture and Language Association, La Société Francophone, the Korean Culture Association, the Russian Culture Society, the German Language Society and La Sociedad Hispánica organizations on campus.

Each organization had a booth and featured cultural food, music, gifts and drinks.

“Holidays are so vastly different for every other country and every culture that having a holiday event like this where we can demonstrate all the different ones is really helpful,” said Emma Valentine, Russian Culture Society treasurer.

Valentine said it was a positive experience that exposed students to different cultures and traditions.

Brooke Sherrell, Chinese Culture and Language Association president, said the group handmade about 120 red leather key chains that represented each Chinese zodiac sign.

The leather pieces required hammering, sewing and decorating.

“We just want to have kind of like, some sort of good luck charm to bring to the Chinese New Year,” Sherrell said.

Kashimire Escalante, La Société Francophone president, said it’s a wonderful experience not only being a part of the culture that she studies but learning about other cultures as well.

The organization sold compact mirrors and Eiffel Tower key chains, earrings and charms as well as homemade crepes and raffle tickets to win a La Madeleine gift card.

Students could also have their caricature drawn.

Linguistics junior Ngoc Vo said growing up, she was sheltered and in her own bubble. She said being a part of a diverse campus has given her the chance to meet new people.

“I met a lot of people from other countries, which is really cool because I got to learn more about them,” Vo said. “It’s really cool to meet other people and learn about their experiences and what they’ve gone through.”


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