Student Government members invited students to meet and learn about their representatives at the Greet Your Government event Monday at the Palo Duro Lounge.

The three branches of Student Government were represented at the event through a Program Assistance Fund table, a Maverick Discount Program table, a Graduate Student Council table and a voter’s registration table.

Students also learned about the Maverick Opinion Board, how a resolution gets passed and about the upcoming fall 2019 elections.

Computer engineering freshman Ezana Belete said he learned more about Student Government’s role on campus.

“It was nice seeing how there’s different things that they had set up so we can change stuff throughout campus,” Belete said.

Despite not having any current issues in mind, he said it’s good to know there’s an option to bring any future problems up to Student Government.

Chase Krieger, College of Business senator, said students can contact their senator to discuss an issue they may face on campus. Their senator would then explain how to write a resolution.

Chief of Staff Honest Kapic said he hopes those who attended the event learned more about what Student Government does.

“This is a good way for them to actually meet senators who represent them in the colleges and write resolutions that actually change how their college is affected,” Kapic said.

Social Work Senator Kimberly Hernandez said the Maverick Opinion Board occurs about once a week to figure out what students want.

The Maverick Opinion Board allows senators to get an idea of what resolutions to pass, Hernandez said. Students are also able to submit questions to be asked on the opinion board.

“We’re supposed to represent [students], so if we don’t know their thoughts and ideas and what they want on campus, then we’re not doing our job,” Hernandez said.


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