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Firefighters put out blaze at J.R. Bentley's


Firefighters contained a blaze early this morning at J.R. Bentley's, a favored English pub among students located just off campus. Damage isn't severe, authorities said.

The fire was reported by a fire truck that had just finished responding to an unrelated matter when firefighters noticed the smell coming from the building, Randy Schmelz, battalion chief for the department, said. It was about 4 a.m.

The fire broke out of the back near the attic of the English pub, located on Abram Street near West Street north of UTA, according to the Arlington Fire Department.

It took nearly 30 firefighters to contain the blaze in the back portion of the attic, according to the fire department. The roof and attic were mostly damaged and isn't considered severe and is fixable, Schmelz added. 

The fire took so much manpower to contain because of the heat inside and outside of the building, which forced the fire department to rotate people coming in and out of the building, Schmelz said. Firefighters had trouble containing the fire because of the building's age and where the fire was located, he said. 

Ash covered tables and chairs and the smell of smoke remained inside J.R. Bentley's after the fire department left the scene.

Investigators are still looking into what started the fire.