Billiards attendance has averaged an estimated 150 people a day since billiards moved to the Maverick Activities Center a month ago, Campus Recreation director Dax Kuykendall said.

In February, The Shorthorn reported that between Sept. 1 and Jan. 26, the walk-through count at Bowling and Billiards totaled 25,076. This represents the number of times people have walked into Bowling and Billiards, the article said. Of these people, 3,552 paid to use the billiards tables and 2,022 paid for a round of bowling, which averages about 24 per day during that time period.

The crack of pool sticks hitting cue balls has filled the air of MAC Room 135 since the closure of Bowling and Billiards on Aug. 13.

Kuykendall said the eight pool tables have new felt and some painting was done to the room, as well as moving some exercise equipment out to make room for the pool tables and one foosball table.

Kuykendall said the upside to the move is that the MAC is bringing in new people that may not have used the MAC before.

“So we might be seeing some unique people come here that might have not ever liked to come here before,” Kuykendall said. “So, we do like drawing in maybe a different segment of the campus population.”

While playing billiards with two other friends on Sept. 5, nursing junior Jeffery Mall commented on how he liked the change in venue for the sport.

“I feel like it’s more convenient,” Mall said. “You have ping-pong and other sports right upstairs and in the building.”

Kuykendall said he doesn’t believe the move to the MAC has made an impact on the number of students who play billiards on campus.

“Many times when I’m doing my own little walks through the building, the place is packed,” Kuykendall said. “It’s an adjustment, I’m sure, in terms of location, but I don’t think it’s deterred people from utilizing the space.”

Civil engineering junior Syafiq Sharif was a regular at Bowling and Billiards, frequenting the place in between classes, and said he preferred the location in the University Center because it was closer to his classes.

“It’s more of a walk,” Sharif said. “Now going all the way over here is a bit of a hassle, at least that’s what I’ve heard from some of my friends.”

Some of the students playing billiards on Sept. 5 had two ideas in mind to improve the experience for them at the new location: music and people who know how to take care of the pool tables.

“It’s a little quiet,” Sharif said, laughing. “So, maybe some music. The room is decent as an alternate, but the people over at Bowling and Billiards really knew about billiards because they take care of their tables.”

Kuykendall said the MAC staff will be looking into making the billiards room more comfortable.

“We wanted to judge the success or usage of the space before we put any more efforts into remodeling back there,” Kuykendall said. “So, remodeling means painting, maybe a television or two on the wall and some other things.”


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