UTA’s crowdfunding program is undergoing maintenance, with plans to resume operation at the end of September, according to three university officials.

SPARK UTA is a platform that helps UTA members raise money for various initiatives, such as funding group travel and activities. School organizations including the softball team and the marching band raised money in the past through the program.

Advertising lecturer Amanda Jordan said in an email that she accepted another job on campus and no longer coordinated the program’s fundraiser. She said she believed the University Advancement team would continue to be successful with the program.

Chris Evans, Maverick Marching Band director, said the organization used the program last fall. According to SPARK UTA’s website, the band raised $2,625.

The band used the money to travel across the Metroplex and to take a trip to San Antonio last October. The band traveled with about three charter buses and stayed in a hotel for their trip to San Antonio.

It was nice having a platform like SPARK UTA available to them, Evans said. People were donating to crowdfunding platforms instead of traditional fundraisers because they wanted to give more money to the students.

“They want their dollar to have the most impact,” he said.

Evans said he wants to use SPARK UTA when the program is running again. He said the department wanted students to have a good experience so they can pass that on after they leave.



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