Connection Café closes for a summer face-lift

Connection Café warns students and people passing by to keep out while construction is underway June 3 in the University Center. The Connection Café is closed for summer renovations. 

The Connection Café is getting a cosmetic revamp and is closed for summer renovations.

The plan is to have the construction completed before opening back up for service on Aug. 19, said University Center director David Albart in an email. The renovations are expected to take the entire summer to finish.

The first phase of the construction has begun with the demolition of the items that are being changed out, Albart said.

The carpet in the front seating sections will be replaced with a wood floor product, he said. There will also be some new lighting elements throughout the space.

“The renovated Connection Café will provide a more enjoyable and refreshing place to dine in,” Albart said.

In addition, much of the back kitchen area is being renovated to make the operation more efficient and better utilize the space, he said. A lot of the other changes will be occurring in the kitchen space to modernize the infrastructure.

The Connection Café hasn’t had a major renovation completed since 2004, Albart said. These renovations have been in the works for several years.

In a February Shorthorn article, David Aldape, UTA Dining Services senior executive chef, said during the summer construction, kitchen staff will be working at the Maverick Café.

During the summer, Albart said students will be redirected to the Maverick Café in The Commons for their meal service.

In order to make sure students have ready access to their meal services, a carryout option has been added at Za’tar in The Commons, Albart said. This option will be available on certain dates.


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