Tables along the Janet and Mike Greene Engineering Quadrangle welcomed students as they met with various organizations, played games and enjoyed free pizza at the College of Engineering Welcome Bash on Wednesday.

Welcome Bash coordinator Tracey Faulkinbury said the event’s purpose is for new and returning students to learn about organizations within the college.

Biomedical engineering freshman Camille Shuey said she came to the event to look for ways to get involved as a commuter student.

“I found a lot of organizations concerning biomedical engineering,” Shuey said. “And then, I found a lot of organizations that even though they don’t deal with biomedical engineering, they’re still accepting other majors.”

Yesmeen Nasir, mechanical engineering senior and Society of Women Engineers president, said she plans to increase engagement with her organization this year.

“I want them to feel like, ‘I can come to these meetings and have a good time,’” Nasir said. “I want to do more interactive things, stuff of that nature.”

Bryce Morehead, biomedical engineering senior and Biomedical Engineering Student Society president, tabled at the event to gain membership for his organization.

“In years past it kinda dropped down in membership,” Morehead said. “We want to build it back up.”


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