The College of Business installed its new sculpture, designed by Benito Huerta, Wednesday on the west side of the Business Building.

The sculpture, which stands 21 feet high and 10 feet wide, is made up of three panels that include various icons related to the college such as a dollar sign, a percentage sign and a pencil. The budget was about $150,000 to $200,000.

Shiv Narain, College of Business graduate student, said he saw the sculpture being installed on Instagram. Narain said the sculpture is beautiful, and is a great addition for the college.

Huerta, art professor and the Gallery at UTA director, said the day of installation was the first time he’s seen his piece completed since he started working on it.

“It really adds dimension to the courtyard,” he said. “I think that people will be pleased to see it.”

Next to the sculpture, Huerta said a 2D design of the sculpture will be placed to showcase all the icons. He said it’ll be easier for students to see the icons with the flattened piece.

“I kind of like the idea that [the sculpture] is this scale and looks more abstract,” he said. “So, people are going to walk by and not going to see what’s really there, but those who do and start really looking at it will get something out of it.”

Dean Harry Dombroski said in an email he is thrilled with the new installation.

“I believe it is a wonderful addition to not only the university, but also to the College of Business,” Dombroski said.

Patricia Healy, the Gallery at UTA assistant director, said public art adds a whole new element to the campus.

“I’m really excited to see more public art on campus,” Healy said. “There’s a few things already, but I hope this is the beginning of many more pieces that are commissioned for the campus.”

On Sept. 11, the Sam Mahrouq Finance Markets Lab and sculpture will be dedicated, said Jairo Omaña-Peñaranda, Office of Information and Instructional Resources director for the college.

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