Students engaged in fun water activities during Aqua Wars on Sep. 20 at the University Catholic Center. Members of the University Catholic Community played games, tie-dyed shirts, and held a water gun battle.

“We are just trying to do a community building event,” said campus minister Jeff Hedglen. “Getting the students to have some fun together.”

The event had many activities including a water balloon game; challenging students to pass and catch water balloons without breaking them using towels. They also had dye-filled water guns and wore white shirts to create a tie-dyed effect during the water battles.

“Bonding with the other people and getting to know them is a lot of fun,” said Libby Tatz, linguistics graduate student.” “They are kind of like my second family over here.”

The center members have a lot of things planned for the year, such as their awakening retreat in November, visiting Arbrook Nursing Home and doing a service project every month.

Hedglen says he hopes they take a sense of friendship and community that sends them into the rest of their time here at UTA.


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