As the 14 students in Norma Figeroa’s interior design studio class struggled to hang the installation they made, she tried to direct them to avoid damaging the structure.

“We have to recreate how it was in the studio,” the interior design assistant professor said. “Everyone lift it up, and let’s move it down.”

Interior design junior Dave Duwe then yelled, “Gently,” encouraging the group to avoid hiccups.

As one of three projects in the studio class, the students were assigned to build an installation showing the problems with public transportation. On Sunday night, they hung the structure above the second-story staircase in the Architecture Building.

“Most cities [in Dallas/Fort Worth] don’t have public transportation access,” interior design junior Emma Salvatore said. “This helps raise awareness of that.”

The installation is cardboard-colored brown, with pops of red to signify the most populated areas in the Metroplex. Like a topography map, some areas are more elevated than others, representing highways.

To put the installation together, the class had to figure out how to make the structure aesthetically pleasing and research large cities in Dallas/Fort Worth. They spent a month planning and building the piece, using a laser to cut more than 5,000 triangles, which they later had to staple together by hand.

The group then used small wooden balls to hold the wires on the structure.

“If one of the balls falls through, the whole thing is going to collapse,” Salvatore said.

As the group moved from the classroom, they went past the second story stairwell and halfway up the third. They then maneuvered themselves in position to tie the wires to the handrails above the staircase.

Three sides of the installation came apart, the wooden balls forcing the staples to detached from the structure.

“Just staple that side back together,” Figeroa said. “Then let’s moved forward again.”

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